Cummins R2.8 60 Series Conversion Kit

Cummins R2.8 60 Series Conversion Kit

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Conversion kit only, does not include Cummins R2.8 turbo diesel motor.


  • Cummins R2.8 to Toyota H55F Transmission Adapter Kit
  • Motor Mounts - frame side and engine side (insulators not included)
  • Fuel Water Separator Mounting Bracket
  • Oil Filter Head Mounting Bracket
  • Radiator Shroud
  • Intercooler Shroud
  • Custom Intercooler
  • Accelerator Pedal Mount
  • Murphy Gauge Mount
  • Complete List of remaining items needed to complete the conversion

This kit is comprised of all of the components that are manufactured by Overland Cruisers and the associated hardware needed to install these components. Additional items such as intercooler piping, coolant hoses, electrical connectors etc. are not included in this kit. Purchase of the kit does include a comprehensive list of the additional items needed to complete the conversion.