Overland Cruisers is a full-service Toyota Land Cruiser shop that specializes in US Domestic Market, Japanese Domestic Market, European and General Market Toyota and Lexus 4WD vehicles.

Oil Changes & Inspections

Regular oil changes and maintenance are crucial to ensuring the longevity of your rig. We use the proper lubricants for each application and inspect critical vehicle components to identify potential issues before they become major problems.

Steering Knuckle Service

All solid axle Toyotas require periodic steering knuckle service. We use the best components available to keep your front axle in prime shape.

Differential Service

Vehicle performance is greatly impacted by axle gearing. We offer full service differential re-gearing and locker installation to ensure optimal performance of your rig both on and off road.

Transmission and Transfer Case Service

Whether you have a leaking 3 speed in an early 40 or 50 Series, worn H151 syncros in your JDM 80 Series or want to have a low range gear set installed in your leaking split-style 60 or 70 Series transfer case, we have the experience and parts to do the job right. 

Suspension Lift installation

Having the ground clearance to get over obstacles is essential for off-road travel. Whether it is a basic lift kit installation on a leaf sprung 40 Series Land Cruiser or a Long Travel kit on a modern Tacoma, we offer the best components and experienced installation available. Custom spring over axle and linked suspensions are available as well.

Rust repair

It is unfortunate, but it is reality; old trucks rust over time. We can repair just about any rust issue that your old Toyota is experiencing. From the body to the frame, we can eradicate rust and install fresh metal to make your truck whole again.

Engine Work

We offer maintenance, overhauls, performance modifications and conversions.

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